A spokesperson for Cadbury has confirmed that the confectionary giant has released an Easter egg that is inside packaging that includes the word ‘EASTER’ in huge letters that flash in daylight and glow in the dark.

According to their director of product development Giles Wingnut, the limited edition Dairy Milk gift set will appeal to a number of British Christians who are outraged about the current lack of Easter mentions on existing packaging, while at the same time not having actually set foot inside a church since the Autumn of 1987.

He added: ‘The boxes have battery-powered letters on the outside that can be pre-programmed to flash in a number of patterns so that the word ‘Easter’ is illuminated at any time of the day or night.’

‘In addition to this, a neon coating ensures that the word ‘Easter’ remains prominent when the battery runs out.’

The regular Dairy Milk egg in this range will retail at £9.99, or for £14.99 the deluxe edition has a built-in speaker that plays the song ‘Easter, Easter, Easter’ over and over again.’

‘The tune just keeps repeating the word ‘Easter’ to the tune of ‘Conga, Conga, Conga,’ and an integrated dry ice module creates a dramatic effect to ensure that the word ‘Easter’ stands out even more.’

Southend shopper Dave Fuch-Weet told Southend News Network that while he was ‘delighted’ at the news, he also feels that there is a lot more that Cadbury could be doing to promote the concept of ‘Easter’ with their chocolate eggs.

He said: ‘Well it’s a good start, but the boxes should also have that symbol of Christianity on it.’

‘I forgot what it is called, but you know what I mean. The one that looks a bit like a small ‘t’ that was in that film with Robert Powell.’