Our campaign to raise money for Katie Hopkins after her LBC ‘sacking’ has now reached £19,000 including gift aid. 

Thanks again if you have donated and shared via the appeal here. 

As you will read, we are making perfectly clear that the money is actually going to The Trussell Trust – the food bank charity that does a huge amount of good work in the United Kingdom.

Katie also slagged them off once as well, so it makes reaching this amount all the more heartwarming.

Gift aid has given the appeal a huge boost as well!

It’s just a matter of ticking a box and making sure that your address details are correct so that The Trussell Trust can claim tax relief or some accountancy magic like that.

It’s worth 25% so it’s a good call.

Once again, the link to share and donate is here. 

Let’s see how close to £100k we can push this!

The legal bit is clear on the story, just so we don’t get in the sh*t on this one.

Also, we have had an email from JustGiving to confirm that it is all double Kosher, so to speak.

When this campaign originally launched they did tell us that there were a few complaints, but ‘c’est la vie’ as they would say in the Latin Quarter.

We should also point out that this is 100% the work of Southend News Network.

Although we have spoken to The Trussell Trust about this (they are naturally massively grateful), this isn’t an authorised official fundraising initiative etc etc.

Please direct any enquiries to newsdesk@southendnewsnetwork.com