A businessman from Southend has been talking to Southend News Network about the opening of his brand new shop on the island offering haircuts and circumcisions.

Peter De La Cloche feels that the timing ‘couldn’t be better’ with the arrival of a number of families forming a growing Charedi community, and he also wants to make the procedure accessible to men from all walks of life without the need to approach the NHS or a more expensive private clinic.

He said: ‘My branch of Snipz ‘n’ Tipz in Southend has already done very well since opening in February, and now I feel that it is time to expand my unique dual-service offering onto Canvey Island.’

‘It is well-known that a growing number of families from North London’s Charedi Jewish community are heading down here to resettle, and there really is no better way to let them know that South Essex is welcoming them with open arms, is there?’

‘The concept is a very simple one, and what used to be a delicate and paperwork-burdened procedure can be carried out by a trained medical professional in around ten minutes if no shaving is required.’

‘I am aware that a traditional circumcision, or ‘briss’ as it is known in the Jewish language, is usually accompanied by a gathering – this is why we are delighted to offer a catered function room on-site at a very competitive rate.’

We asked Mr De La Cloche to respond to an allegation that there was an accident in his Southend branch in July due to ‘professional negligence.’

He said: ‘The wild rumour that one of our circumcisions developed into a vasectomy is scandalous and defamatory.’

‘An investigation is underway, and so no further comment can be made at this time.’