It has been confirmed that the classic animation The Snowman will be remade by Channel 4 for Christmas 2018 with an all-black cast, including the lead character. 

According to sources within the network, the reworking of the Raymond Briggs classic cartoon will reflect the diverse diversity of British light entertainment.

It is also rumoured that Walking In The Air will be replaced by an unconfirmed grime track by Stormzy.

One source said, ‘The ethnic make-up of the current cartoon is nothing short of a disgrace, and we feel deep shame for every year that we have broadcast it so far.’

’A sizeable donation has been made to the British Foundation For Equal Equality, and we are also in talks for Four Weddings And A Funeral to be remade as One Wedding, A Civil Partnership, A Ceremony Of Entrustment, A Couple Who Shouldn’t Feel Obliged To Confirm To Society’s Expectations Of Romance And A Humanist Fire Death Thing.’

’Naturally Andie McDowell will only feature if she is prepared to appear as a straight lesbian pansexual giraffe.’