The Channel Tunnel has been closed today after thousands of British citizens were caught heading over to France illegally.

Huge camps have been set up around the Calais end of the Channel Tunnel, with many people even being heard to scream ‘worth it, totally’ while getting their legs ripped off by a passing Eurostar.

Some have tried to brave the conventional Channel ferry crossing instead, with witnesses in Dover confirming seeing people jumping onto wardrobe doors, throwing a rope around the back of a P&O and creating an improvised jet ski.

A page on the British government website has also been set up for anyone who wishes to apply for ‘Unsettled Status.’

Meanwhile, Brexit Party president Nigel Farage has confirmed that the election has been a ‘roaring success’ after delivering a total of zero MPs to the House of Commons.

Farage said, ‘We have helped the Conservative Party to gain the majority that they needed to get Brexit through parliament, so after January we will rebrand to something else that will promise something that the British people desperately want with membership available for a very reasonable fee, like ‘The Hand Job From Holly Willoughby Party.’