A spokesperson for Chelmsford City Council has confirmed that a road is going to be renamed Bell End as a tribute to the city’s unofficial town crier Tony Appleton.

Appleton has once again been in the news this week after his announcement of the birth of the new royal baby was seen on TV screens around the world, and the honour will be bestowed upon him at a specially arranged ceremony in early 2019 for both himself and his trusty parrot sidekick Grippers.

Further details are due to be released shortly, with speculation rife that a road will be chosen in the prestigious new Beaulieu Park development, and a petition for the future adjoining railway station to be called Appleton Parkway has already received more than 300,000 signatures.

The news was broken exclusively on the local Facebook group Chelmsford Forgotten, with the renowned Essex historian Fernando Bonanza calling the decision ‘historic.’

He added, ‘Until now, he has only been recognised for his work in the field of canary rearing, but this honour will ensure that generations of children to come will learn all about his uninvited legacy.’

‘We are hopeful that the career path of ‘Unofficial Town Crier’ will soon appear in careers guidance facilities all over the United Kingdom – some of these guys are earning upwards of five embroidered patches per year.’

We spoke to Hank Yankleberry of US television station ABC, and he described Appleton’s regular appearances in the media as ‘as British as a chicken vindaloo.’

He added, ‘You British are so quirky with all of your officially sanctioned traditions that are approved by the relevant authorities.’

‘Someone could park an Airbus A380 in there for Christ’s sake.’