The Chief Reporter of Southend News Network sensationally BROKE COVER to appear in a live interview on BBC Essex on Saturday morning. He appeared with his face crudely disguised with a sweatshirt, and presenter Peter Holmes wanted to know more about the history of Southend News Network, inspiration for stories, and the background leading up to the smash-hit song Sometimes Our Pier’s On Fire that has had almost 250,000 views on Facebook in seven days.

Listeners were also treated to a BBC newsreader’s rendition of two recent Southend News Network stories, including a very topical subject all about the fact that the current waste and recycling arrangements in Southend are driving some people to the point of despair and possibly serious physical injury.

At one point, the Chief Reporter was asked if the timing of song was particularly awkward with the ongoing emergency repair situation on Southend Pier. He used this question as an opportunity to deny all involvement, hinting that he was more concerned about the good people of Southend throwing him off the end of it. The t-shirt used on Facebook and Twitter will be available soon, along with many others.