Will Southend's £25m bid bring the Coca-Cola truck to the town in 2016?


Thousands of Southend children have been left devastated after hearing the news that the town will not be visited by the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck this year, with many declaring that they are going to forget about celebrating Christmas altogether.

46 locations have been announced on the list of stops for the iconic truck, but the closest that it will get to Southend is when it pulls into Romford on 20th December. As this is yet another Coca-Cola Christmas Truck snub for Southend, a group of local government officials have decided to take matters into their own hands and form a bid committee in time for next year’s tour.

Alexander Diabete is the chief executive of Bring Coca-Cola Festive Cheer to Southend, and a taxpayer-funded pot of £25m has already been set aside to run the campaign. He explained his vision to a reporter from the Southend News Network.

He said, ‘The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tour includes venues such as Bury St. Edmunds, Winchester and Margate, and so it is clear that these places must have invested a considerable amount of money and time into getting their bids in order – as a result their residents will have the chance to sample free fizzy soft drinks while listening to overplayed and overrated Christmas dross. It is time for Southend to step up to the plate, and our message to Coca-Cola is simple. Our market analysis shows that a single truck visit to Southend will increase Coca-Cola’s 2016 overall global sales by 87%, and this will be explained in a series of videos and outdoor interpretive dance sessions.’

He added, ‘If our bid is successful, the truck will be greeted in December 2016 by a choir of 13,000 local schoolchildren, and they will perform a specially-composed piece that the British public will definitely remember vividly for many years to come.’

At the time of going to press, an unnamed source within the soft drinks giant confirmed to Southend News Network that the 40 mph speed limit from Progress Road into Central Southend would make a Southend stop unfeasible, and therefore any successful bid would be conditional upon all local roads being closed off on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.



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