A Chinese restaurant owner from Southend On Sea in Essex has been arrested after a model cat was spotted in his window giving a Nazi salute repeatedly. 

Police were called to Foo Ming Palace on Fairfax Drive earlier today, and the proprietor Keith Wu was taken into custody.

Witnesses described seeing a 40-strong riot team enter the premises with stun grenades and a tank.

According to local residents, the cat had been in place for over a year without complaints.

However, a member of the public from the Outer Hebrides raised the alarm after hearing about the window display from a friend of a friend.

She told Southend News Network, ‘I haven’t personally seen the offending cat, but the description of it offended me massively.’

’Apparently it was like one of the Can Can girls, but with a single arm instead of the traditional dance.’

’Apparently it is also a traditional Chinese accessory for restaurant owners that is used to bring good luck to the premises, but fuck context my feelings are hurt terribly.’

A police spokesperson said, ‘Mr Wu has been taken into custody under a charge of aggravating religious, racial, religious-racial and racial-religious hatred.’

’It has to be remembered that there is a synagogue four miles away from the site, and the restaurant also serves pork which our hate crime unit is currently looking into.’

It has also been confirmed that the actor Sam Kelly will be exhumed next week to face trial for his portrayal of a Nazi in Allo Allo.