Bank Holiday visitors to Southend are being offered ‘an experience that they will never forget’ with rolling footage of old Southend Airshows being shown on a giant outdoor screen at The Forum near the town centre. Viewers will be able to lay out towels and sunbathe, while a number of stalls and attractions will be in place to really give visitors a taste of how Southend used to be when the local authority actually gave a t*ss. 

Head of the borough’s Outdoor AV Nostalgia Team Samuel Cliff said: ‘The recent sing-a-long events at The Forum have gone very well – it is clear that all the people of Southend really want to do is stand around and look at a big telly while drinking. Therefore, we are going to show footage of old planes flying along the seafront while adding in whooshing and zoom in noises to complete the effect. We are delighted to offer this event free of charge to all visitors as this shows our commitment to local businesses by increasing footfall and visitor numbers.’

Claire Wibblington has been visiting Southend for The Airshow every summer since she was born, and she admitted that she is excited about the outdoor extravaganza. She added: ‘My family are going to love this outdoor viewing, and I have even heard that they are going to put lots of rubbish bins all over the square and leave them overflowing to give it a real Airshow feel. They could even show some of England’s Euro 2016 matches on it if they all agree not to get drunk and start trying to kill each other.’


  1. The best part was the seagulls undertaking formation chip snatching followed by the dive-bombing of hapless viewers.

    However, the best was the Seagulls re-enacting the exploits of 633 squadron using bouncing guano and unprotected glasses of beer.