What is it about the M25 that makes people oblivious to fake news stories? Our story about the orbital motorway closing for a fitness and endurance race caught out Katie Hopkins on her live radio show, and now the world-famous conspiracy theorist and broadcaster David Icke has shared one of our lesser-known M25 wind-up articles on his own official site!

It’s all about the motorway introducing toll charges for the entire route, and you can read it here under the section of his website that is hilariously titled ‘Corporate Crime.’ Just in case he decides to take it down, an image is below. 

You can read the original SNN article here, and as you will see there are a number of clues in the story that scream out ‘FAKE,’ such as the fact that the motorway is apparently operated by a company called Lucifer Loop Ltd!

It seems like he posted it in March 2016 and it has somehow gone unnoticed until now. Thank heavens we were able to spot it and tell everyone 🙂

If you are unfamiliar with David Icke, he describes himself as a ‘full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world.’ 

He has also promoted conspiracy theories about ‘public figures being reptilian humanoids and paedophiles,’ but he seems unable to detect when a known online fake news outlet is taking the piss. 

He is currently preparing for the 2017 leg of his World Wide Wake Up Tour, so he may want to ‘wake up’ to the fact that he has been well and truly had!