A statement has been released by the Essex Police Counter Terrorism Unit to confirm that a vegan terrorist plot to ‘hijack’ 20 milk floats has been foiled after a number of raids across the county. 

At 6am on Sunday morning, officers and armed police acting under Operation McCartney carried out five simultaneous dawn raids across Leigh On Sea in South Essex, and more than 50 arrests were made. 

Speaking at Essex Police HQ earlier today, Det Ins Colin Pasty confirmed that the attacks had been planned by the extremist fundamentalist Vegan Action Group. 

He added: ‘We are delighted to confirm that, acting on a tip off from a member of the public, we have been successful in stopping a terrorist plot to hijack 20 milk floats across Essex on Monday morning by the Vegan Altruism Group.’

‘According to documents that we have seized, the highly-detailed plan was to drive them straight into a number of prominent butchers shop windows across the region, and human cost aside the main objective was to use the collisions to destroy as much dairy and meat-based produce as possible.’

‘We cannot go into much more detail at the moment, but we can confirm that the group’s leader Geoffrey Al-Mondoil is in custody, along with his alleged second-in-command Percy Bin Stchew.’

Nigel Sharcoot owns a butchers shop in Southend, and he contacted Southend News Network to say that police had contacted him to confirm that his store was on the so-called ‘hit list.’

He said: ‘I have been given security advice by a terrorism specialist, and as a precaution I am having safety glass installed tomorrow that can withstand an electric vehicle strike at 7 mph or less.’

‘These are disgraceful times that we live in. It’s not like I’m going to go and perform unspeakable acts in my nearest Holland and Barrett is it? I say live and let live, unless you are a non-dairy cow or a gammon-bred pig anyway.’

An anonymous member of the public emailed our Newsdesk to say that the recent ‘radicalisation’ of the Vegan Altruism Group had driven him and a number of his friends to leave.’

He said: ‘Until six months ago, the organisation was all about non-meat eaters coming together and promoting this type of lifestyle – everything changed when the group lurched towards extremism and even attacked the vegetarians amongst us who were just trying to help out.’

‘In their eyes now, getting protein from milk and cheese is just as bad as tucking in to a rump steak.’

‘They used to just be satisfied with telling everyone that they were vegan, but now they are hell-bent on destruction in the name of veganism. As a moderate vegetarian, I could never stand by and allow this to happen and so I left – I believe there is a price on my head.’