The leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn is embroiled in a fresh anti-Semitism row today after it emerged that on Friday evening he was overheard saying, ‘What time’s the bus Jew?’

According to reports, Corbyn was talking with a gentleman in his fifties at a bus stop close to Islington Town Hall, and witnesses were said to be ‘shocked’ at the MP’s behaviour.

One said, ‘Before he uttered that disgusting sentence, he was saying a range of other incredibly hateful things about Jews.’

‘He admitted that he’d never tried a bagel, and he even said that he could ‘take or leave’ Neil Diamond.’

‘They should throw the book at him. The bastard.’

Corbyn has been in the news repeatedly over the last month due to allegations of hate being thrown at him.

Last Wednesday, a Spar employee accused him of making hurtful remarks about her weight when he said, ‘Could I please have a Kit Kat Chunky?’

A spokesperson for the Parliamentary Labour Party said, ‘Jeremy Corbyn? Never heard of him mate, sorry.’

A spokesperson for Momentum said, ‘Once again Our Glorious Leader has said something and it has been taken out of context.’

‘He was actually saying, ‘What time’s the bus, dew!’ as he had the sudden urge to make an observation about a layer of moisture on a nearby patch of grass.’

‘The press should be a little more responsible when they report in future, and furthermore …’

The rest of his comments took the form of chanting slogans and asking us if we would like to buy a nice piece of knitwear.