The leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has been widely criticised for alleged anti-Semitism today after he shouted ‘oy’ while being hit by an egg.

According to angry comments that were posted in the aftermath of the incident, Corbyn’s outburst was ‘unacceptable’ because he isn’t Jewish and to assume a piece of key Yiddish vocabulary amounts to cultural appropriation.

One person said, ‘He didn’t even have the good grace to follow it up with ‘vey,’ so he can’t even get that right.’

‘This is the man who wants to be Prime Minister. It doesn’t even bare thinking about.’

Another Facebook user pointed out that he should have written ‘bear,’ but instead of acknowledging his mistake he launched into a furious tirade that ended with a meme showing a badly photoshopped image of Corbyn marching at a funeral with a t-shirt declaring ‘I love the IRA.’

Police have confirmed that they are investigating the attack. The anti-Semitism attack, not the bloke with the egg.

It’s already been a tricky week of fresh allegations against the Labour leader in this area, with Theresa May demanding a ‘full investigation’ after Corbyn was overheard saying that he could ‘take or leave’ Neil Diamond.