The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was universally condemned for being anti-Semitic today after he posted a Facebook message to commemorate Rosh Hashana. 

Thousands commented on his post to express their disgust, with many simply communicating their anger pending a full explanation by the Daily Mail.

One said, ‘First he shares a platform with those who oppose Israel, and now he wishes the Jewish community a happy new year.’

’Doesn’t he realise that ‘Jews’ and ‘Israel’ are the same thing? Hypocrite!’

’Couple that with his reluctance to accept responsibility for allegations of anti-Semitism that he wasn’t actually involved in, and it’s clear that Labour shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near power.’

In another shocking development, the Conservative Party has agreed to adopt a new definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ in their constitution.

A source said, ‘It will now be classed as anything where you are pictured next to a man with a beard in the months leading up to any sort of local or general elections.’

It’s been a tough year for Corbyn, with the Leader Of The Opposition still reeling from accusations of anti-Semitism after he asked a Rabbi at a bus stop what time the bus was due?