A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council has promised that there will be an immediate investigation after the popular seafront fountains started spouting HUMAN WASTE this afternoon.

According to witnesses at the scene, a mixture of urine and excrement could be seen flowing from the fountains at around 3pm, and it took technicians around 45 minutes to cut off the supply of liquid to begin investigations.

Michelle Garridge was enjoying the fountains with her three-year-old son Bipi when the foul liquids started flowing onto the pavement, and she told our Chief Reporter that she had ‘never felt so sick in her entire life.’

She added: ‘It all started off as normal, when all of a sudden I noticed that the water had turned a very concerning shade of dark yellow – there was also an awful smell and Bipi was covered from head to toe.’

‘I ran over to him, and I noticed that there were a few chunks of sweetcorn in his hair – I just wanted to be sick there and then but I had to try and keep him calm.’

‘Luckily a beach shower was available nearby, and once I had washed it all off I took him to be checked over in hospital as a precaution as I was watching a programme all about cholera and the other day and I just wanted to make sure.’

Perry Stalsiski is Southend Borough Council’s Director of Leisure and Infrastructure, and he told our Newsdesk that a preliminary site inspection has found that a ‘fault in a sewer pipeline’ may be to blame.

He added: ‘In the main control room adjacent to the fountains, there is a junction switch that controls the flow of water to the fountains and the flow of sewage to the treatment plant near Priory Park.’

‘Unfortunately, our representative on site may have become distracted by nuisance seagulls that have been reported in the area, and on this occasion it may have led to him diverting our town’s flow of human waste temporarily.’