A young couple from Essex have managed to lose their entire tenancy deposit within one hour of joining the popular Facebook group DIY On A Budget.

Michelle and Texico Garridge moved into their one-bedroom Southend flat three months ago, and they were inspired to carry out a number of home improvement projects after briefly scrolling through the online community.

However, their lettings agency has now informed them during a regular inspection that they will not be receiving a single penny of their £900 security deposit when they leave due to the home modifications that they have carried out.

Outraged Michelle said, ‘It’s just utterly ridiculous.’

‘First of all, we applied vinyl transfers to the stairs leading from our front door that read, ‘Every one of you’re steps is a new begining of you’re life’ and apparently it will cost hundreds of pounds to remove these.’

‘Apparently covering our gas hobs with pink Diamanté Fablon is also a fire hazard that means that the property will fail its gas safety inspection, and the French doors in the kitchen have now been sealed off until we build a balcony because our landlord’s insurance won’t cover our toddler plummeting into the garden.’

‘The girl from the agency got proper snooty about the fish tank that we pebble dashed and she even told us to expect a visit from the RSPCA.’

‘The whole situation is just ridiculous – if we are paying our rent then surely this is a clear breach of our human rights.’

A spokesperson for their lettings agency told us that the Garridges’ home improvements would not only be costly to rectify, but also that they were a ‘viable danger to life.’

Melanie Sneer-Fuchyall from Himmler and Sons added, ‘There are clear guidelines about installing a dimmer switch in the shower, especially when you take the job on yourself by following a YouTube video instead of getting a qualified electrician in.’