A 34-year-old father of two from Southend in Essex has been describing his anger after he purchased a pair of Adidas sports briefs that offered an ‘inadequate’ level of support, leaving his testicles with dangerous friction burns.

Barry Balache told Southend News Network that the £40 garment left his scrotum ‘red raw’ after going for a jog on Thursday morning.

He said, ‘I am furious with Adidas over this.’

‘I should have known from the start that I was buying a shoddy product – the logo looks completely wrong for starters.’

‘This is sexism in its worst possible form. Items that are designed for ladies’ intimate areas always offer a comprehensive amount of support.’

‘I had a jog along the seafront this morning, and by the time I reached the Pier it felt like my balls were actually on fire because I was running in trackie bottoms.’

‘I know that men like a decent amount of airflow down there to prevent a build-up of smegma, but this was an absolute piss take.’

A spokesperson for Adidas confirmed that they do not actively produce open gusset garments for the male market.