A father from Southend was GLASSED over the head by his four-year-old son in a ‘vicious fight’ that took place on Sunday afternoon in a family-friendly pub restaurant. 

According to witnesses at The Ravenous Pony in the town centre, an argument over a lack of blackcurrant Robinsons Fruit Shoots quickly became physical, and dad Joshua Smasht was left needing eight stitches at the  scene.

Paramedics managed to close the wound and the family returned home without needing a visit to hospital.

Arnold Grimmer was enjoying Sunday lunch with his wife Petunia when the brawl broke out.

He said: ‘The dad walked up to the bar to order some drinks, and shortly afterwards he returned to the table holding a tray of beverages that included an apple and orange Fruit Shoot.’

‘The little boy started crying because he wanted the blackcurrant-flavoured variety, but they were out of stock. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and started throwing his arms and legs around and having a tantrum.’

‘He screamed ‘but you and mummy got your red silly juice, stop mugging me off.’

‘After this he threw a glass of wine all over his dad and smashed the glass on his head while repeatedly bellowing out ‘sort it out this is bollocks.’

A police spokesperson confirmed that no arrests were made.

He added: ‘As the attacker was four years old, we were only allowed to provide some helpful advice at the scene.’

‘As a precaution, we have arranged for a two-week juice-based juice drink detox residential course for him at a private clinic – this will be enforced by a court order if necessary.’