A father from Southend On Sea in Essex has slammed his local branch of Tesco after he purchased a box of Peppa Pig ice creams and found that one had been decorated with an ERECT PENIS.

According to furious Dad Neville James, 47, the incident has led to his seven-year-old son Rupert having ‘multiple questions’ about gender and sexual organs.

He told our Chief Reporter that he is demanding a full investigation from the supermarket.

He added: ‘Rupert unwrapped his ice cream, and immediately he pointed to what looked like an erect male member and asked me why a girl would have a penis.’

‘They have recently been doing sex education at school, and I was having great difficulty trying to explain why Peppa was suddenly reasonably well endowed.’

‘After this, he then remarked that it was facing backwards, and again I simply didn’t have an explanation for this.’

‘I tried saying that she had just woken up, but this just led to further confusion.’

Jemima Clenge-Mimsy is a spokesperson for the pressure group Equal Equality Now For All, and she told Southend News Network that she was ‘delighted’ to see the ice cream maker embrace the fact that Peppa Pig could have a ‘fluid gender.’

She added: ‘It is perfectly feasible that as Peppa grows older, she may decide to follow a different path – after all she is surrounded by some very admirable masculine role models like Danny Dog and Edmund Elephant.’

‘We had it back in the 90’s with George Hippo in Rainbow after all – it is still hazy whether it was George or Georgina.’