A 32-year-old Dad has admitted that he is ‘outraged’ after he was ordered to cover up his huge, flexed and visible biceps while bottle feeding a baby in a Southend café.

French-born Michel Garrage told Southend News Network that the incident took place at fancy patisserie and tea shop Le Pamplemousse Confondu on the Seafront last week.

He said, ‘I had just started bottle feeding my two-month old son Cuait, and a lady with a laptop on the next table kept staring at me while biting her bottom lip.’

’She then walked off to talk to the manager, and then he came over to me and asked me to consider putting a jacket on.’

’The lady then looked up from her laptop and said that the position of my forearm meant that my peaked, bulging bicep was too sexually arousing for her to ignore, making it impossible to concentrate on her work.’

’She even accused me of showing off on purpose just to get some attention, as opposed to providing vital nutrition for my screaming infant.’

’It’s not my fault that they are swollen at the moment. All these crates of Cow and Gate weigh a ton.’

We managed to make contact with the customer who complained – she wishes to remain anonymous.

She said, ‘There are plenty of private places where men with babies can go and bottle feed without turning themselves into an exhibition.’

’There must have been at least six girls and a couple of fellas just staring at him and mentally grabbing those bad boys while making honk honk noises – it’s just not right.’