The cast and production team of the popular kids TV show Peppa Pig are involved in crisis talks after it emerged that the actors who play Daddy Pig and Miss Rabbit have been secretly having an affair for the last NINE MONTHS. Morris Stye and Petunia Straw are both married to other people, and TV network bosses are reportedly ‘fuming’ about how the affair could destroy the show’s family friendly image. The affair was only revealed yesterday after a photographer snapped the pair sneaking into a Premier Inn hotel room in Southend On Sea – the cast and crew are currently in the town for on-location filming. 

A source within the show’s production team said: ‘A photographer approached us with images of Morris and Petunia cuddling up together in the reception area of the hotel, and they also allegedly entered the same room and were not seen again until 11am the following day – the pair missed three hours of filming and stank of tequila when they finally arrived on set. The executive director took them aside and showed them the photos, and they admitted the affair straight away. Apart from the potential biological implications of their affair, the most sickening thing was a text message that I saw where she called Morris her ‘big loin of pork.’

He added: ‘Our network boss was livid when he arrived late last night for crisis talks with everyone, and he knows that both of them will have to leave if the show is ever going to be able to become family-friendly again. He hasn’t ruled out scrapping the show altogether, although it is looking more likely that Daddy Pig and Miss Rabbit will be written out of future episodes to avoid causing confusion with a change of acting talent. Mummy and Daddy could have some sort of amicable separation, but Miss Rabbit will be a nightmare character to replace as she holds practically every employment-based role in the programme.’


  1. This story sounds like a load of hogwash and bit of a pig tail although it probably burrows down into some truths and ruffled a few hares. Mind you daddy pig sounds like a real swine and bit of a boar.

    Being caught on the hop was probably a real sowprise especially if they were embracing with lots of hogs and kisses. I bet it made the rabbit paws for thought as the pig trotted off a lot of excuses.

    After this I wonder if they will sty together?