At the very fake Southend News Network, we are proud to present our campaign to get the Daily Mail reclassified as a fake news website!

Sign the petition and share it here – 5,000 people have already added their signature and effectively told the Mail to go f**k themselves.

In the last two days, the Daily ‘Heil’ has run two front pages that attack Facebook and other social media giants for ‘destroying society.’

This has to be the biggest example of a total lack of self-awareness in the history of the friggin’ universe, especially seeing that their own news pages get a metric f*ckton of traffic the associated huge advertising revenues from, you guessed it, Facebook!

Our argument is a simple one. We feel that the Daily Mail reports stories in a manner that often swerves into the realms of fake news.

Reporting Jeremy Corbyn doing a jig near the Cenotaph, making the campaigner Gina Miller appear darker than she really is in photographs, and just a general history of reporting real world events in a way that incites hatred against anyone who is an enemy of the Daily Mail are all unacceptable in our eyes at a time when actual fake news websites are getting blamed for many of society’s problems.

If enough people sign this petition, there is just the slightest glimmer of hope that their Facebook classification could be altered to ‘Humour’ or something along those lines.

We know that it is a tall order in reality as they have the most-visited news site in the world, but to be brutally honest they’ve got it coming to them.

Thanks for your support!

Once again, you can find the petition here, sign it and generally share the hell out of it.