A Facebook user who has taken part in the ‘Decade Challenge’ has admitted that they cannot believe they looked ten years younger ten years ago.

Michelle Garridge told us that after seeing her 2009 and 2019 photos side by side, it must be down to either biology or a form of witchcraft that human civilisation is yet to fully comprehend.

She added, ‘Posting two images on social media side by side was definitely a challenge as well.’

‘The scrolling, the collage, the wanky hashtags … we’ve truly hit the pinnacle of human endeavour.’

‘If only the challenges on Challenge Anneka were this challengy – the show might still be on the air and her magnificent arse would be getting the plaudits that it so rightly deserves.’

A spokesperson for the Nobel Prize Foundation confirmed that the 2020 award would be given to a random participant in the social media trend.

When asked why taking part in the ‘Decade Challenge’ surpassed every other possible milestone in civilisation, Hermann Von Trapp simply replied, ‘This.’