A spokesperson for the sofa retailer DFS has promised that there will be an ‘urgent enquiry’ after it emerged that the popular children’s entertainer Bungle Bear had been turned into an armchair by accident.

Fears have been growing for the star as he hasn’t been seen in public since 2012, and Basildon resident Jim Barr raised the alarm on Sunday after spotting a discarded armchair outside a block of flats that had ‘a striking resemblance’ to the ITV legend.

Shortly after it was found, DNA testing revealed that approximately 70% of the chair was made of ‘Bungle or materials deriving from Bungle.’

‘The remainder underwent further examinations and testing due to concerns over the whereabouts of Rod, Jane and Freddy.

A statement from the retailer said, ‘We are currently investigating allegations that Bungle Bear, also known by his real name of Derek Bungleton-Thomas, accidentally fell into one of our filling chambers during a visit to our factory near Hunstanton.’

‘We don’t make a habit of using beloved TV stars in the production of our furniture without their prior consent – our limited edition Gordon The Gopher Chaise Longue has won awards for the 100%-ethical manufacturing processes that were offered at all times.’

‘However, in light of the circumstances, we would like to offer everyone affected by this incident 25,000 years interest-free credit with nothing to pay for the first millennium.’

According to reports, the discarded piece of furniture has been rescued by a small panda with an oddly-acquired middle-class English accent.

Witnesses told us that she had attended the scene with a small yellow bear who didn’t say a lot and a dog who sounded like a kazoo.

Image credit: Martin Worthington (@thegoldenspike)