There have been calls for the actor Dick Van Dyke to be digitally edited out of the 1964 Disney Movie Mary Poppins after multiple people noticed that he had applied ‘blackface’ makeup for the role of Bert, the chimney sweep and general Jack of all trades.

Michelle Garridge was the one of the first people to mention the discovery on Twitter, and she told us that she was ‘disgusted and horrified.’

She added, ‘You can’t even use the excuse that it was acceptable in the 1960’s as Disney should have had the cultural foresight to realise that it would be offensive forty years later.’

‘We have already persuaded MGM to get rid of any episode of Tom and Jerry with Mama in it, so surely it wouldn’t be too much for Disney to digitally replace Dick Van Dyke with a black man instead.’

‘Someone like Idris Elba would be perfect.’

‘More to the point, his name is basically Penis Van Lesbian, so how the hell can that be acceptable either?’

According to a growing thread on Reddit, there are a number of other sections of the movie that are giving the public cause for concern.

One user said, ‘Feed The Birds? So they are basically saying that all women should be fattened up.’

Another remarked, ‘I know that a spoonful of sugar could indeed help the medicine go down, but on the other hand it could also promote a lifestyle that inevitably leads to Type 2 Diabetes.’

A spokesperson for Disney confirmed that all remaining copies of the DVD will be returned for melting down and recycling, with all purchasers being entitled to ten hours of counselling for any emotional distress caused.