It has been confirmed that the movie Die Hard has been removed from Netflix over its negative portrayal of Germans.

In the wake of the ‘Germans’ episode of Fawlty Towers being removed from streaming services, more than 100,000 complaints were received accusing the 1988 movie of giving the impression that all Germans were ‘terrorists in Savile Row suits, some of whom have mullets.’

A source said, ‘We want to deeply apologise for any upset the movie has caused.’

‘The film has only been removed as a temporary measure while our digital enhancements team edit the original to replace Alan Rickman with Melissa McCarthy to make it more diverse and accessible. She’s in everything else anyway.’

‘We should probably recast Sgt. Al Powell as well actually after that police brutality right at the end.’

‘That will stop even more children growing up addicted to Twinkies too.’

One film fan from Norfolk welcomed the news.

Bernie Arms said, ‘I’m delighted with the news.’

‘The last word of Bruce Willis’ catchphrase is incredibly offensive to me as that’s how I spend most weekends.’