A 43-year-old man from Southend who is both disabled and bedridden has reacted angrily after a government-appointed ATOS Work Capability Assessor suggested that he could return to work as a shelf in Argos.

Nigel Adams from Fairfax Drive told our Chief Reporter that he was ‘100% certain that the employee wasn’t taking the piss.’

He said: ‘We completed the five-hour assessment in my bedroom and I proved conclusively that I am unable to get out of bed at the moment due to having a number of debilitating conditions.’

‘He then spent a few minutes writing some notes on a piece of paper and using a little cardboard wheel to gather some more information, before he then suggested that my current horizontal condition meant that I would be able to work in Argos as a shelf.’

‘I was pretty much flabbergasted at this point, but he just carried on anyway and drew me a diagram about how I would be able to hand a Breville toaster to another member of staff if required to help speed up waiting times.’

‘When I told him that I wouldn’t be prepared to take this kind of role, he warned me that my PIP may be affected because of my attitude.’

This news comes at a particularly worrying time for people who are having to undergo these often nerve-wracking assessments, with one mum in Southend even admitting that another disabilty assessor was unaware of the term ‘autistic spectrum’ when visiting her son in late 2016.

According to 23-year-old Marie Smith from Leigh On Sea, her official visitor scratched his head for a few moments, before asking if it was some sort of 1980’s computer.