A spokesperson for the United Kingdom Automobile Confederation has urged disabled drivers to try and look a bit more disabled when using disabled parking spaces.

The advice has been issued as a result of growing anger from the non-disabled population at Blue Badge holders who park in disabled spaces and then insist upon not hobbling off like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

He said, ‘To be honest, anyone using a Blue Badge space should take a few minutes after parking to explain to everyone in the area exactly what their disability is just to put everyone else’s mind at rest.’

‘Taking a photo and uploading it to the local Twat Parking group on Facebook can be incredibly time consuming, so this seems to be the most sensible solution.’

Concerned motorist David Bairlend told us that he welcomed the announcement.

He added, ‘Some of these people have a Blue Badge and they are driving top of the line Nissan X-Trails – what the hell is that all about?’

‘Surely they should all have wheelchair-accessible 20-year-old Transits.’

‘In fact, it’s about time that Bigoted Fuckwitted Arseholery became a recognised disability that warrants Higher Rate Mobility DLA.’