A popular Facebook group that allows members to demonstrate a wide variety of ways in which one can butcher the home that doesn’t technically belong to them is about to be renamed ‘1000 ways to lose your tenancy deposit.’

The most popular attempt at this is to add a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ vinyl transfer to a living room wall that not only reduces the property’s value, but also creates a mini housing crisis in the immediate area.

Landlord Tony Adams said, ‘It’s all very well saying, ‘We’ll do what we like – it’s only rented,’ but carving the quadruple-barrelled name of your first offspring into the bedroom plaster is an absolute bastard to fix.’

’You know that piece of paper that you sign before getting the keys that legally binds you into not fucking the place up? Why would then proceed to fuck the place up?’

Southend tenant Michelle Garridge told our Chief Reporter that she was ‘devastated’ as she wanted to decorate her staircase with the phrase, ‘You can fly higher than the highest flying fly’ with a single word on each step.

She added, ‘Actually bollocks to it. The inspirational value is worth losing my £1200.’