A spokesperson for the White House has confirmed that the President Of The United States Donald Trump will carry out a ‘limited’ UK tour in March 2018 with a brief stop in Canvey Island. 

Press Officer Henry Fin De Cloche told reporters that the ‘hysterical’ UK reaction to Trump’s retweet had made the White House rethink plans for the tour.

He said: ‘Mr Trump has always expressed a strong desire to visit the UK in his official presidential capacity.

’Ithas now become clear that he will only be welcomed in what he would describe as more ‘grassroots’ areas.’

’This is why he will be keeping his itinerary very much ‘off the beaten track’ when he is over the Atlantic.’

‘Therefore, he has has chosen Okehampton in the West, Harrogate in the North, and Canvey Island in the South.’

A reporter asked the spokesperson why Canvey had been chosen.

He replied: ‘The President is a great fan of social media, and he often has researchers monitoring local community groups to get a real inside track of what is going on.’

’The people of Canvey seem incredibly passionate about letting other community members know when something isn’t quite right and repeating these concerns until something gets done.’

’He greatly admires this, and he is also scouting for a seaside links location for his next golf and leisure resort.’

’Mr Trump is also following their quest for independence with great interest.’

’Details are still under discussion, but we have already confirmed that he will arrive in Canvey by helicopter after we gathered intelligence about existing road links.’