A BMW owner has been describing his lucky escape today after his rear driver’s side indicator exploded due to overuse.

According to motorist Daniel Von Umfall, his habit of indicating at literally every opportunity that is highlighted in the Highway Code overloaded the circuitry.

Mr Umfall added, ‘I was just executing perfect indicator technique at a roundabout in Southend, when all of a sudden I could smell smoke.’

‘Within seconds, there was a loud bang, and I immediately indicated left using my remaining functioning indicator, pulled over after checking all of my mirrors accordingly, and then vacated the vehicle to call the emergency services.’

‘I made sure that I parked my developing fireball in a considerate manner as well so that pedestrians and mobility scooters would be able to continue moving freely, and I was also an ideal distance away from the kerb to allow passing traffic to circulate safely.’

A statement from BMW advised all owners to avoid all indicator use as a precaution until they identify the fault, but industry sources have revealed that the manufacturer could phase them out altogether for safety reasons.

In other motoring news, police near London were left baffled after a Volvo 4×4 somehow managed to straddle all four lanes of the M25 at the same time.

However, in a statement the Swedish car manufacturer confirmed that the vehicle was a research prototype to test an upcoming feature that creates temporary wormholes around the vehicle to ensure that no other bugger can get past.