A spokesperson for Kensington Palace has confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their new baby with the French name Louis as a tribute to the European Union ahead of Brexit getting underway in March 2019.

His full name will be Prince Louis Arthur Charles Of Cambridge, and he will be fifth in line to the throne.

The spokesperson added, ‘Their Royal Highnesses have acknowledged that almost 50% of the EU Referendum turnout voted Remain in a show of solidarity with the European Union, and so they thought that it would be fitting to choose a name that respects the traditions of the French-speaking EU member states France and Belgium.’

‘Although it now clear that the United Kingdom will definitely be leaving the European Union, the prince will forever carry the legacy of the 27-nation block in both his heart and mind, and we would hope that the British people would do the same.’

‘Their original choice was going to be Prince Albert, but a cultural advisor who specialises in body modifications pointed out that this may not be suitable in the modern social climate.’

Dave Fudgeknakket of the campaign group Royalists For Brexit called the decision ‘disgraceful.’

He said, ‘Their choice is a direct assault on democracy, and if Her Majesty The Queen had anything to do with this decision it is a blatant abuse of sovereignty by a sovereign exercising her sovereign right to apply sovereignty.’

‘This is not the sovereignty that we voted for. We voted for the other sovereignty that involves the metric system and bendy bananas.’