A Southend businessman has opened the world’s first ever scrap DVD recycling shop in the town, and locals are rushing down there after it emerged that he is paying £9 PER DISC – he says that he can pay this amount as the scrap value for DVD materials has ‘never been higher.’

Sergei Reejunfri has been putting the finishing touches to his London Road store ‘Cash My DVDs’ this week, and he has already had a steady stream of visitors recycling up to 200 DVDs at a time. He said: ‘The polycarbonate plastics that make up a DVD have never been in shorter supply around the world, and so I can afford to pay £9 per DVD and still make a profit. Once I have purchased the DVDs from a customer, they are sent to my brother’s factory in Russia and he melts them down. The plastic is then sold on to other factories for new DVDs, and so it’s great for the environment as well.’

He added: ‘To comply with UK scrap trading laws, we must have the accompanying case for every DVD. Also, it is a legal requirement for us to take a copy of the front and back and the customer’s debit card, along with a copy of their passport for government records. Once 28 business days have elapsed, we can then transfer the money for the scrap DVDs into the customer’s account, and we pay £9 for literally any DVD.’

Other local business owners have noticed a strong increase in trade since Mr Reejunfri’s shop opened. Yuri Laundrovic is the manager of the Essex Rivieira Movie Store, and he said: ‘The DVD recycling shop next door has been a fantastic addition to the area – my customer numbers have increased sharply. On a like-for-like basis I am selling 800% more DVDs than this time last year, and my £2.99 bargain selection is selling like hot cakes.’