100 countries in six hours - can they do it and break the world record for a multicultural St. George's Day celebration?

A spokesperson for the UK Police Alliance has confirmed that England flags are now racist again following their World Cup exit. 

He said, ‘An exemption was only going to be in place for England’s length of participation in the tournament.’

’Therefore, everyone now has half an hour to take them down to avoid being accused of a hate crime.’

’Amnesty flag bins have been installed in all major urban centres. No questions asked.’

A representative for everyone in England who wasn’t born there welcomed the announcement.

He said, ‘It’s about bloody time.’

’They offend me so because I am from another country that has another flag and I would like my culture to take over my host nation by stealth.’

’Yep. That doesn’t sound like contrived bollocks designed to stir up hatred at all.’