After Boris Johnson wrote that women in burkas look like ‘letterboxes,’ here are five other racial slurs that you will find absolutely hilarious.

If you have any worries about using them – don’t panic because freedom of speech.

1 – The ‘red dot’ on Sikhs looks like someone is pointing a gun at them.

This particular slur is even more jape-tastic if you rock your head from side to side and make ‘dinga linga ling’ noises.

2 – You can impersonate both Chinese and Japanese people at the same time by pulling the corner of your left eye up, while pulling the corner of your right eye down.

Note that you can switch eye directions if you prefer, or just pull both in the same direction for maximum offence if needed.

3 – The beard of an adult Orthodox Jew is just about the right length to give a pull and pretend you are ordering room service in a posh hotel.

You can ‘double down’ on this one by asking for something with bacon in it.

4 – Number 3, but with a Muslim.

The bonus with this one is that it’s absolutely fine because we voted Leave – in fact it is somehow linked to the whole Leave thing, somehow.

5 – White people have small penises and don’t like spicy food.

We’re throwing this one in for a bit of balance, but the benefit is that the people who find Numbers 1-4 hilarious will also find this one so grossly offensive that they consider it an unacceptable attack on their very identity in a world where it is apparently already illegal to be caucasian.