Two of the leading members of EBMALE - a group of Essex small business owners who are campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union.

A group of small business owners in Essex have come together to warn voters about the potential dangers of leaving the European Union when the nation goes to the polls on 23rd June 2016. According to the campaign, voting to leave in the referendum could lead to ‘a number of serious problems,’ and this is because they feel that other continents are ‘far worse than Europe’ and are not worth joining.

Jemimama Mummi-Younique, 19, operates a make-up business on various Southend Facebook buy and sell groups, and she is the leader of EBMALE – Essex Business Mummees Against Leaving Europe. She said: ‘I am really proud to be in charge of a passionate and dedicated group of mummies who have found the time to bring up children, operate a successful Facebook business, and now take part in a campaign to let everyone know that leaving the EU would be a disaster. We have one simple question for everyone who wants to leave: Where would Britain go if it leaves Europe? Other continents are a long way away, and we don’t think that things would get any better if we moved our country to a different one. For example, why would we want the UK to join South America? They have the Zika virus over there now, and that can be devastating to pregnant mummies.’

We asked some of the other members of EBMALE for their reasons for joining this campaign. Joanna Fizzletitz-Browning, 24, sells self-tanning sauces through her various social media accounts, and she worries about the potential costs that would be involved if the UK votes to leave. She said: ‘I can’t even think about how much money it would cost to move our country to another part of the world, and anyway we are already giving all of our money to refugees and not using it to help our own homeless people and pensioners and people who used to be in the army and other English people. If we don’t have enough money now, how are we going to be able to afford to move British across the whole world? It’s crazy – we need to vote to stay in the EU.’

However, there are already rumours that some members of EBMALE are considering changing their position and starting a breakaway campaign to leave the EU. According to one Avon representative from Prittlewell, who doesn’t want to be named: ‘Being a member of the campaign for the last few weeks has given me access to a lot of information, and after reading a bit of it I have realised that there are a number of situations where it would make sense to leave Europe. If we join North America for example, it will become a lot cheaper to go and visit Disneyland because England will be a lot closer to the USA, and a lot of mummys are getting fed up with Disneyland Paris now anyway. Technology is very clever these days, and according to a few of my friends moving a whole country is now as easy as towing a car with a van – people shouldn’t be scared to vote that we should withdraw from Europe.’



  1. If we left Europe and joined North America will they be able to extend the Channel Tunnel in time for my summer holiday?