Parents have been warned that their kids’ ‘holiday boredom Blues’ will be a thing of the past after Essex businessman Noah Fleeceum announced the first ever Soutnend RUBBISHPECTACULAR – a very special fun event for families at the municipal rubbish dump in Southend. 

We spoke to Mr Fleeceum earlier today about the extravaganza that will be taking place on 20th and 21st August. 

He said: ‘Nobody has ever planned an event on this scale before. Parents and child alike will love roaming around enchanted piles of domestic and commercial waste, with industrial and chemical waste available for a small additional fee.’

‘The fun doesn’t stop there, and we will have a number of arts and crafts stalls where the children can make syringemen, teabag teddies, inflatables and much, much more.’

‘The event will also bring a lot of benefits to local businesses, and stalls will be available for anyone who is keen to take advantage of the thousands of visitors that we expect to attend across the two-ish days.’

‘The centrepiece of the whole area will be our Peppa Pig Prophylactic Pit – a giant ball pool filled to the brim with discarded inflated bedroom accessories.’

Tickets for RUBBISHPECTACULAR are priced at £35 each for both adults and children, and tickets for the Under 2’s are £35.*

*The event has been organised by Noah Fleeceum, who is operating within Mugg Events LTD – a trading name of Fuccombe Entertainment PLC, who are acting under license from Runner Enterprises.