A 23-year-old entrepreneur has been telling Southend News Network about his ambitious plans to launch a holiday company selling flights, hotels and transfers that doesn’t just mug people off.

Nathan R Beetrage, a business and tourism student at South Essex Tourism Academy, explained his ‘unique business model’ to our travel correspondent Jeremy Reporter.

He said: ‘Harnessing the power of the Internet, YouPayYouGo is going to revolutionise holiday travel for millions of people.’

‘Our model is simple. We buy hotels, flights and transfers in bulk, before selling them to customers and then keeping the difference as profit.’

‘Customers can then go on holiday to destinations all over the world, and the profits can be used to keep the business running, pay staff, generate dividends and that kind of thing – it’s blue sky, for real.’

We asked Nathan whether he had considered a more traditional model of mugging people off and leaving them stranded in the middle of the f**king continent somewhere.

‘Not really he said. People tend to get a bit pissed off when that happens.’