A 23-year-old Mum from Southend in Essex has been arrested over allegations of apostrophe abuse.

According to a spokesperson from Essex Police, the historic allegations that have fallen under Operation They’re date back to 2014, and mother of two Michelle Garridge will face a preliminary court hearing next week.

He added, ‘We can confirm that Michelle Garridge’s arrest has only come after many years of gathering evidence of some of the most shocking apostrophe abuse that we have ever witnessed.’

‘By trawling through Facebook group archives, the CPS has built a case for 347 charges of unlawful pluralisation of a noun, and on seven occasions these have led to an outbreak of civil disorder.’

‘For example, in June 2016 Ms Garridge posted, ‘There are foreigner’s songs all over town today,’ and riot police had to be called to the town centre when it emerged that there was no live performance of I Wanna Know What Love Is.’

‘Furthermore, just two months ago she posted a 700-word rant about her boyfriend texting dick pictures to her cousin without a single piece of punctuation and 300 people ended up in hospital with an aneurysm and oxygen deprivation.’

‘A successful prosecution should provide a sufficient deterrent to anybody else out there who is thinking of committing this horrific abuse in the future.’

The news comes just a few months after it was announced that the Oxford Dictionary Group will be replacing the word ‘have’ with ‘of’ in 2019.

There is also a strong rumour that ‘he’s’ will be discontinued permanently in favour of a merger with ‘his’ on compassionate grounds.