A group of leading Ethiopian musicians have decided to come together and record a charity Christmas single for the people of the United Kingdom.

Feed The Gammons – Do They Know Why They Voted Leave will feature some of the most prominent artists in the impoverished African nation, and a star-studded concert at the Addis Ababa Arena has also been planned.

It has been announced that they were inspired to release the track after witnessing video of recent events including the Free Tommy Robinson marches and various clips of people waving EU flags outside parliament while being verbally assaulted with incomprehensible sentences.

Although the lyrics are currently under wraps, a source close to the project has revealed that the song will include:

June 2016, there was no need to be afraid.
June 2016, Nigel predicted hell if we stayed.
And millions of voters, Googled ‘What is the EU?’
After voting for Leave, pure Gammon time.

They said a prayer, that the outcome would not be grave.
But then Theresa May, goes and appoints Boris and Dave.
All the Gammons scream for ‘No Deal,’ and they wanna self-destruct.
They don’t realise that if we bugger off, the UK’s really fucked.

And now loads of guys who voted Out, have become massive racists too.
And they all seem to have liked, Leave.EU.

You can always see them exploding on Question Time.
Aneurysms just one ‘Remoaner’ point away.
With a large dollop of rage.
They want a new Stone Age.
They can’t spell sovereignty anyway.

Feed The Gammons.
Do They Know Why They Voted Leave?
Feed The Gammons.
Do They Know Why They Voted Leave?

Porky Pies. That they told to all of us.
3-50 million stuck on a bus.
Four decades of hope pissed up the wall.