A panel of senior judges at the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Dartford Crossing toll is ILLEGAL.

According to a case summary that has been released this afternoon, it has been revealed that the current £2.50 toll for cars is a ‘direct contravention of Human Rights Legislation’ as there is no free alternative that is ‘humane.’

ECHR spokesperson Jerome Robsonne told our news desk that the Dartford Crossing charges will continue to remain illegal for all vehicles whilst the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union – the Great Repeal Act will give the British government the chance to scrap the ruling in March 2019.

He added: ‘The terms of the current Human Rights Legislation Framework for Transport clearly state that a toll charge is only legally enforceable if there is a free alternative that could be considered as humane.’

‘As far as we are concerned, sending motorists the other way around the M25 is about as humane as mass genocide, and popping over to the Blackwall Tunnel is only marginally better if there is something on at the O2.’

‘What the operator is often saying is ‘We’ll take your £2.50. Now sit here for two hours because some berk couldn’t make their mind up and pick a lane. Technically this is classed as ‘being held against your will.’

‘Therefore, every toll that is collected from this point forward will be considered as a humanitarian crime, and we will be inviting the crossing owner to the International Criminal Court at The Hague as a matter of urgency.’

The news comes at the end of a troubling week for the Dartford Crossing after lawyers for both Essex and Kent Police concluded that sections of the bridge and tunnel that are directly over the River Thames are the responsibility of the other force.

Because of this, a Zone of Lawlessness has been declared, with a number of pop-up brothels and casinos appearing within the last few days.