After a lengthy investigation by Southend News Network, it has emerged that the UK Electoral Commission is considering scrapping the 2016 EU referendum result after potentially millions of voting papers were printed with the words ‘European Onion’ by mistake.

As the full error read ‘Leave The European Onion’ with a box next to it, a legal case is now being prepared to argue that anyone crossing this paper cannot have their vote counted.

A source said, ‘It has now become clear that millions of voting papers could have been printed with this error, and most people wouldn’t have noticed it because the lighting conditions in many polling stations would have been inadequate.’

‘The European Onion would be a very different concept to the European Union, and therefore it is conceivable that many Leave voters could see their votes cancelled.’

‘As a precaution, I have instructed the government to clear their diaries for two weeks in June just in case we have to hold an emergency referendum.’

An example of the spelling error that has been uncovered by our investigative team.

The revelation has been met with anger by a number of Brexit supporters across the United Kingdom, and Dave Fin De Cloche told Southend News Network that even though he spotted the error in June 2016, it didn’t affect his decision.

He said, ‘To be fair, it could have said ‘Leave The Flibbidijibberdy Flimflamflom’ – ‘Leave’ was the only word I needed to understand to take my country back.’

‘Besides, we should be backing our own agricultural industry, and why should the Great British Onion suffer because of Brussels meddling?’

‘I make sure that I always start my day with a good old-fashioned raw onion, and I savour the patriotic tears of joy.’