A leading campaigner for the UK to remain within the European Union has confirmed that up to 85% of the British population could DIE if the country votes to leave the European Union in the June 23rd referendum. Archibald Crumpt of the Remain Think Tank made the comments to the Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter in an alarmingly honest interview on Sunday. 

Mr Crumpt said: ‘We have analysed the available evidence very, very carefully, and it has become clear that voting for a Brexit will effectively be signing a ‘death warrant’ for a vast number of British people. The statistics show that up to 85% of hard-working and peace-loving Brits could die within the next 60-90 years if we leave this fine and stable union, and so it is vital for the national interest to remain a part of it. You will hear a lot of scaremongering over the next few weeks, but the time has now come for cold hard facts that are based on real-life information and not petty political agendas.’

We contacted representatives of the Leave campaign for a response, and Gerry Manderton MP (Lab, Barling Magna and The Wakerings) said: ‘This is yet more utter nonsense from the Remain lobby. The plain reality is very simple, and staying in the EU will mean an influx of so many migrants that areas such as the Isle of Wight could tip over. You won’t see this in the papers or any other so-called ‘factual media outlet,’ but voting to stay will see home repossessions rise by 76% per year by 2018, and more and more hard-working British men will see their wives and girlfriends whisked away by healthy and attractive Meditteranean men. If you vote to stay in the EU, you will have blood on your hands.’

A spokesperson for UKIP spoked: ‘What the last guy said, but with 12 million Turks. Please let us play.’


  1. Given all the panic announcements being metered out each day by both the LEAVE and REMAIN camps (each trying to instill fear into voters) it is so reassuring to read some straightforward reporting from SNN.

  2. Why is it that none of the major parties have even attempted to reduce the death rate in this country from its all-time high of 100%? I think we should be told.