European Parliament Brexit chief Guy Verhofstadt meets with farmers at a farm which sits on the border between Armagh and Monaghan, between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic on September 20, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Paul FAITH (Photo credit should read PAUL FAITH/AFP/Getty Images)

The EU negotiator Guy Verhofstadt has confirmed that the proposed €7 EU entry fee for non-EU visitors will rise to €50 if you are unable to spell ‘sovereignty.’

Speaking exclusively to Southend News Network, Verhofstadt confirmed that the so-called ‘Gammon Tax’ will rise to €100 if you have ever posted a meme of a Second World War cemetery with the caption, ‘Brexit Bill? Paid In Full!’

He added, ‘I might look like a cross between your high school geography teacher and Jurgen Klopp, but I know exactly what I am doing.’

’Remember when you all said that you knew what you were voting for? That was bollocks, wasn’t it?’

’This decision will make our borders stronger, because sovereignty innit.’