Excitement is building across England and West England as the two sides prepare to face off on Saturday in that rugby thing.

Millions of sheep across the colony have already confirmed that they are looking forward to a few hours of peace and recovery while the locals are all glued to their 11-inch Jumbotrons.

Passionate rugby fan Iestyn Prestin-Westin told us that he was confident that West England would be able to not throw the squashed ball thing forwards better than England, taking the match five touchdowns to one.

He added, ‘I’ve already picked my best daffodils for the big game, and what I got up to with a bundle of leeks last night is nobody’s business but my own.’

‘The atmosphere will be all friendly leading up to the national anthems, but as soon as Delilah comes onto the loudspeakers all bets are off.’

The match will be officiated by the famous ‘no nonsense’ Scottish umpire Tosh ‘Shut Your Fucking Mouths You Namby-Pamby Bunch Of C*nts’ McCrackyerballs, the official who famously killed an entire Tongan XV single-handedly in 2010 when the captain protested over a collapsed scrum.