Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair was once married to Pete Doherty, the singer from The Libertines. 


Image / Punnery – S1d Tr0tter on Twitter

This intimate photo of the happy couple has been dated at around the late 1980’s, and it shows the loved-up pair in front of a library wall.

It is unclear about why the marriage ended as both parties are currently not responding to questions about the marriage.

Also, it remains uncertain about whether or not his current wife Cherie was aware of their relationship at the time.

The revelations are sure to do the Labour Party no favours whatsoever at a time when they are trying to cement their place as the opposition to the stories.

However, a source confirmed that the short union was ‘anything but amicable.’

He said: ‘Everything started well enough, but it didn’t take long for the honeymoon period to well and truly fade.’

‘On a number of occasions, Tony accused Pete of having weapons of mass destruction, and when their relationship really hit the rocks Tony even prepared a lengthy presentation and asked UN inspectors to take a look around his flat.’

‘Naturally they never found anything other than a few oddly-shaped spoons, but Tony still ordered 20 of his mates to go in and smash the shit out of his place anyway.’

‘To this day, he still stands by his original decision and has turned the whole sorry incident into a very lucrative public speaking tour and musical production.