Animal behaviour experts have admitted that they are ‘baffled’ about a pet cat from Southend On Sea who becomes ‘aggressive and extremely territorial’ whenever he meets anyone who voted ‘leave’ in the EU referendum last year. 

According to four-year-old Tortoishell Bob’s owner Marie Jones, the judgemental moggie is able to sense the way that a person voted within a few seconds of meeting them, and he hisses and scratches whenever he detects an ‘out’ voter.

She said: ‘I first noticed this behaviour in Bob last July, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time – I just thought that it might have been some sort of hormonal issue or something like that. I am aware that the male menopause in cats can kick in at that age.’

‘However, something didn’t seem quite right about his behaviour, and he would only become aggressive and violent when meeting certain people. Suddenly it all became clear one day when I had some friends over for lunch.’

According to Bob’s owner Marie, the Tortoisehell moggy can sense a ‘leave’ voter within a few seconds before becoming agressive and ‘out of control.’

‘Bob spent an hour sitting on my best friend’s lap having his back stroked, and she voted to remain in the EU. When she put him on the floor, another friend started clicking his fingers to attract him over, and all of a sudden Bob started making a clicky growling noise and this developed into a hissing sound.’

‘He pulled out his mobile phone with a Nigel Farage wallpaper, and seconds later Bob just launched himself at my friend’s ankles. I had to shake a bag of Whiskas Bites to make him retreat. Ever since that day, whenever Bob has become nasty towards someone I have asked them how they voted in the referendum, and he is getting it right 100% of the time. I thank heaven that I voted to remain.’

As an experiment, our Chief Reporter took five strangers into Marie’s home – two people who voted ‘leave,’ two people who voted ‘remain’ and one person who described himself as a ‘conscientious abstainer.’

True to form, Bob became very aggressive towards the two leave voters, but shockingly the abstainer ended up walking out of the ground floor flat needing medical attention for a number of deep cuts.

Marie added: ‘Bob must have an even bigger problem with people who he feels wasted their vote. I should really look into getting him done.’