A spokesperson for the Football Association has now made the official declaration that next year is Liverpool’s year.

The annual tradition was carried out by Kelly Graham at their Soho Square HQ earlier this morning, with thousands of the Anfield faithful already taking to social media with outbursts of optimism for the 2019/20 season.

She said, ‘We find that it is usually helpful to declare a precise switchover point between ‘this year’ and ‘next year’ in terms of when it will be Liverpool’s year.’

‘In recent seasons, we made the grave error of not making this declaration when Steven Gerrard fell flat on his arse against Chelsea, and as a result millions of people were convinced that they still had a shout going into the Palace game at Selhurst Park.’

However, there has also been an angry reaction online, with many supporters pointing out that the club’s total number of Premier League titles is still remaining steady at zero.

One said, ‘Consistency is key. Since the official invention of football in the United Kingdom in 1993, nobody has consistently almost won the league more than Liverpool.’

‘We should probably be looking forward to the 2020/21 season now as Klopp is still building a young team into his playing style.’