A spokesperson for Facebook has confirmed that it is not racist to give racists a platform to be racist.

Speaking at a press conference today, he added that although saying racist things is unacceptable, there is no breach of any Community Standards when you post something with a tiniest dollop of racial undertones and then just sit back and watch everyone be racist wankpuffins as a result.

He said, ‘It might help to give you all a real-life example here.’

‘If you chucked a grenade into a building and then chased it inside and got your arms and legs blown off, then you would be pretty stupid.’

‘However, if you chucked a grenade into a building and then ran away while rubbing your hands with glee and watching everyone else get blown to kingdom come, then you would be free to move on to the next building.’

‘More to the point, anyone getting horribly mutilated wouldn’t be your problem, because you merely threw the grenade into the building.’

‘As soon as it leaves your hands, it’s the grenade’s fault for being all explody and stuff, right?’

A journalist from the Daily Mail was spotted nodding knowingly at this point.